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comprehensive training series on dvd

Finally! A complete set of instructional DVD’s to allow at home study of Martial Arts.  Discovery Christian Center's Martial Arts Instruction with David Hite Jr. is a complete instructional resource designed to fully equip students for the essentials of Martial Arts technique.

As the founder of Discovery Christian Center, David has a passion for working with youth and promoting self worth, discipline and focus through Martial Arts Instruction. This DVD series will lead students from beginning to advanced Martial Arts Training topics; the perfect resource for anyone serious about their pursuit of self-defense techniques.

Each DVD includes:

- Warm ups
- One step defenses
- Forms (Katas)
- Mannequin drills (Disc 1) and Defense Techniques (1 &2)

All DVD's are carefully organized to maximize the training experience, with slow motion and alternative angles to emphasize specific movements. Logical indexing allows the user to use their DVD player remote to quickly review or advance to desired topics.


Disc #1 - Beginners
Yellow to Blue Belts

Disc #2 - Intermediate
Green to Purple Belts

Disc #3 - Advanced
Brown to Black Belts

DVD Series
Or get the entire set for just $59.95 - A savings of nearly $22.00


see for yourself

  • Hear what our students have say

    Hear what students who have trained with David Hite Jr. have to say about the DVD training series.
  • Learn your first one step

    Clear, concise instructions make it easy to review from classroom instructions or learn on your own (from DVD #1 for beginners).
  • Mannequin drills refine skills

    Demonstrate the power of your attack. Students at MAI learn how to make their techniques more effective by working with lifesize mannequins.
  • Defense against multiple attackers

    David Hite Jr. prepares you for real-world situations where more than one opponent my exist.