"I applied my heart to what i observed and learned
a lesson from what i saw" - proverbs 24:32

meet david hite jr.

In 2002, I formed Discovery Christian Center to expand my “God given” vision of motivating youth throughout their learning and development with Martial Arts Instruction (MAI), Educational Enrichment Assistance (EEA), and Children’s Bible Training (CBT). 


I began training in Martial Arts during college to expand my physical work-outs. Following graduation, I continued Martial Arts training and earned a Black Belt in 1986 in the Seigokan branch of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate. 

Since then, I have trained over a 1,000 students (children thru adults) in multiple dimensions of Martial Arts. 

This training took place throughout my local community at organizations and institutions dedicated to youth learning and development, including: the YMCA, Boys & Girls Club of America, and Jane Boyd Community House. 

It is my honor and privilege to share the knowledge God has given me to help you gain proficiency in the arena of Martial Arts.

David Hite Jr. M.Ed


about mai

Building character based on Christian prinsicples.

Discovery Christian Center's Martial Arts Instruction with David Hite Jr. is much more than a self-defense class. It's about unlocking the gifts and abilities God gives all according to his purpose. Martial Arts Instruction (MAI) provides a practical platform to develop the full potential of each student by connecting them to something greater than themselves.

  • Physical Discipline
  • Character Development
  • Positive Encouragement
  • Creative Engagement
  • Mastery of the Martial Arts